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AIM Engineers

  • AIM Engineers have specialty in Mining and construction equipment's such as Hoppers, Conveyer, crusher frames, VSI Crusher, HIS Crusher, Chutes, Rotors and Structures.
  • They have specialty in manufacturing and fabrication of all types of pressure vessels and process equipment's such as heat exchangers, reactors, vapor separators, Calandria, fermenters, uni tanks, BBT, brew house vessels and vessels with agitators, storage tanks, distillation columns, etc.
  • They have established quality management system to ensure total reliability of the product and dedicated engineers for the quality control of products as per customer’s requirement.
  • They have the facilities for designing of pressure vessels and storage tanks as per various codes such as IS 2825-1969, ASME SEC 8 DIV 1, TEMA, etc.

Raw Material and Incoming Part Control

  • Raw material is procured from standard and established sources. The incoming material is subjected to appropriate metallurgical, chemical and mechanical testing as per sample plans.
  • All incoming semi finished and finished items are subjected to receipt inspection for dimensional accuracy, metallurgical performance and functional testing.

Welding and NDT Control

  • All WPS and PQR’s are approved by AWS CWI & TPI.
  • All welding procedures are qualified as per ASME Sec IX, GTAW,FCAW,SMAW etc.
  • All Welders are qualified and certified by AWS CWI & TPI.
  • Welder’s traceability maintained through weld map & weld log sheet.
  • RT,UT, EP, helium leak test, Pressure test, Agitator running trial as per drag requirement.