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After Sales Services

During contract stage to Post-award stage up to Project Program of Schedule Stage, submission of deliverables during detailed engineering, Procurement and Construction phases in proper sequence will enable the Company for a proper review resulting in saving time. Monitoring the timely submission & reviewing of the deliverables from the early stages of Project, count as procurement & construction deliverables in a Project and their proper sequence of preparation.

Our services include Mechanical design of fabricated equipment, Fabrication drawings of equipment, Procurement of bought-out items, checking of drawings of vendors, Inspection as per Quality Assurance Procedure, Project review meetings (internal, with vendors and customer) and Project Management.

  • Mechanical Design of Fabricated Equipment
  • Fabrication Drawings of Equipment
  • Procurement of bought-out items
  • Checking of drawings of vendors
  • Inspection as per Quality Assurance Procedure
  • Project review meetings (internal, with vendors and customer)
  • Project Management
After Sales Services
  • We believe in quality and timely after sale services.
  • We provide high quality Spare parts for plant and equipment.
  • We provide Annual Service contract.
  • We provide Quality Management services.
  • We also provide training for process / operation.