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Winkle press

Bellmer Winkle Press Green

  • Special design to achieve highest yields in the field of fruit extraction and food processing.
  • Majorly used for dewatering.
  • The machine frame is completely executed in stainless steel.
  • The rollers are coated with Rilsan.
  • Six juice extraction stages with a gradual pressure build-up.

Turbo Drain

Bellmer Turbo Drain Green

  • Dewatering screen for sludge thickening.
  • First belt thickener which has been developed with the goal of saving natural resources.
  • Due to the flow optimized construction, less polymer is used.
  • Extremely low energy costs.
  • Improved filtration due to nanotechnology belts.
  • Good material for long life time.
  • Optimized accessibility to reduce maintenance costs.

Apple Crusher

Bellmer Apple Crusher (BAC)

  • The Bellmer Apple Crusher is designed for the crushing of fruits prior to pressing them on belt filter presses.
  • The mash is ground more intensively and evenly than by means of other systems so that higher yields are obtained.
  • It is not only used for grinding pome fruit before the subsequent pressing but also for crushing of fruits before fermentation and distillation and for grinding tropical fruits such as pineapples.
BAC could establish itself on the market especially in fields where the prices for raw material are high.

Turbo Screen

Bellmer Turbo Screen

  • The unique functional principle of the BELLMER Turbo Screen is based on a filtration without the addition of any further chemicals.
  • Solid-liquid separation and filtration in various different applications such as Primary sludge separation, filler& fibre recovery, process water treatment, separation of solids upto 80 %, COD reduction upto 40 %
  • Industrial process and waste water treatment, rain water harvesting, river and sea outfalls, fine screen up front hollow fibre membranes(MBR)
  • Simple in maintenance, clean and safe operation, flexibility in screenings treatment, considerably low power consumption-considerably high capacity at a small footprint.