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Equipment Supply

We can recommend, offer and supply a variety of processing machinery, mechanical equipment, instruments and automation products, as we cooperate with the most trusted and innovative manufacturers from all around the world. Our detailed design and engineering make sure that the equipment supplied will perfectly match your expectations. Moreover, we can contract the integration and the erection of the supplied equipment. Our engineers and our technicians are capable of efficiently undertaking and completing any erection, testing and commissioning tasks that are within our areas of expertise. We supply Decanter, separator, Heat Exchanger, Tanks, process vessel, Pre-processing Equipment, Evaporators, PHE , Pump, valves , fittings, control panel, Instruments, Aseptic sterilizer , Aseptic filler, Press and filters, Membranes, Boiler, Air compressor, Transformer, DG set, Water treatment, Effluent treatment, Chilling plant, Grinders and cutters, Bottling and canning equipment.

  • Customized Process Equipment
  • Flow Equipment
  • Separation Equipment
  • Evaporators
  • Thermal Treatment Equipment
  • Utility Equipment
  • Pre-processing Equipment
  • Filling and Packing